“How Great Boards STAY Great”

Erica Rivera, RHR International  

Erica M. Rivera, Psy.D.
RHR International LLP


What makes a great board? Can all the board members clearly articulate how the board adds value? How does the board actually measure its value to the organization?

Dr. Rivera, who brings extensive experience in the psychological aspects of leadership and executive behavior, will share the research on how great boards actually do add value — with the data of 900 boards from companies across all industry sectors, from $500 million to Fortune 100.

This expertise, combined with a keen understanding of leader analytics, allows for translation of the data into practical and strategic solutions.

We will also address:
• With near-constant disruption as the norm, how do boards maintain their vitality?
• Should there be term limits? Age limits?
• How can boards evaluate their effectiveness?
• How important is continuing education?
• Are there any directors on your board who shouldn’t be (1/3 of directors say “yes”…)?
• How to best replenish and replace board members

Join us for the event, packed full of the latest thinking on developing, renewing and maintaining an excellent board, especially relevant when board expectations and skills-needed are changing so rapidly. Plan to participate!

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