Open Breakfast: Capitalize on Near Misses


Michael J. Berthelot
CEO, Cito Capital Corp; Principal, Corporate Governance Advisors Inc.; Director, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc.

Haney Hong
President & CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

John Skousen
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Qualcomm, Inc.

Amy Wakeham
Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, ResMed

Business risks have become more and more complex, but do solutions have to be complicated as well?

Events happening around the globe can have a direct, overnight impact on your company’s competitive opportunities. As we are currently observing, even the suggestion of potential trade wars is eroding profit margins for many organizations. Not all companies are able to sidestep an unexpected event by a near miss. How can your enterprise prepare itself to uncover blind spots and avoid pitfalls? What contingencies can be put in place to reduce exposure? How can companies capitalize on near misses or learn from failures to prevent unintended consequences?

Our expert panel will discuss best practices to help the board and management understand unforeseen risks, deal with crises, and limit potential damage, while allowing their organization to thrive.


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