Open Breakfast: Dare to Maximize Your Board’s Potential

Sabrina Martucci Johnson

Sabrina Martucci Johnson
President & CEO, Daré Bioscience, Inc.





The best CEOs and business leaders have a solid understanding of their Boards of Directors, and better yet, they know every individual Director’s unique talents and how to learn from each of them.

Good relationships are at the center of all successful enterprises.  In the case of the CEO and the Board, they are at the core of all thriving organizations. One of the most critical factors of success for any company is the strength of the Board/CEO partnership.

Learn from Sabrina Martucci Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Daré Bioscience, what every CEO and C-suite executive should know about the dynamics of new and established boards.  Sabrina will the share the Daré story and her experience regarding the complexities and opportunities of building board relationships that are based on trust and commitment.

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