Ed Knight, NASDAQ’s EVP & General Counsel on
“Capital Markets, Public Cos & IPOS in 2017 — What Lies Ahead?”


Edward S. Knight
Executive Vice President,
General Counsel & Chief Regulatory Officer,

2017 has roared in with a record-breaking market rally. Will this bullish trajectory continue? Depends on who you ask! Should investors jump in—or get out?

What’s behind the rally? Economic data? Political factors? What is driving capital markets in this volatile post-election year… and beyond?

Join us for this special event with Ed Knight who will address these issues as well as take a deeper look into the state of the corporation today. Why are more companies opting to stay private? Since 1996, there has been a staggering 50% reduction in the number of public companies, as well as a dearth of IPOs. What are the long term implications for investors?

Numerous macroeconomic and market factors are at play in this decline, such as increased M&A activity, increased availability of private capital, the hefty regulatory burden, and reduced incentives associated with being public.

Mr. Knight will discuss how NASDAQ views the current situation, and what it sees as possible remedies.

In addition:
• What are the exchanges doing to encourage the growth of the public company market?
• What is NASDAQ is doing to foster young companies/future IPOs?
• Did the JOBS Act deliver?
• Where are they focused with respect to public policy and regulation reduction?
• What might happen to Dodd Frank (and other trends)?

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