Open Breakfast:
Blueprint for Private Boards: Concept to Reality to Success

Dennis J. Cagan
Principal, Caganco Inc.; Author, “The Board of Directors of a Private Enterprise”; Director, various boards

Gene Goda


Independent Corporate Director, IXI Technology, Served on 23 private and public boards



George DeVries
Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder, American Specialty Health

Woodrin “Woody” Grossman
Chairman, Audit and Finance Committee, American Specialty Health

  • How can a private board escalate the company’s ability to succeed?
  • How do the needs differ between public and private-company governance?
  • Where do you start…how is a board designed from its inception? And once it’s built, how can it work effectively?
  • What value does a board bring to a newly established company?

Some would say that being a private company is actually a competitive advantage, providing the ability to pursue high-risk, high-return innovative ventures unconstrained. It is suggested that IPO’s are declining because private companies can avoid the hassles of dealing with required disclosures and the exposure associated with the public equity market. As a result, the value of a solid board of directors is not always recognized.

In reality, a strong board is a true asset to a private company. The best boards continually strive for the highest levels of good governance, reaping the rewards of their commitment through the successful performance outcomes achieved by the organization.

Our expert panelists will share how their experiences have shaped their decisions, and how the contributions of talented board members have strengthened their private organizations.


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