Chris Wollerman

As co-owner and chief executive officer of InnovaSystems International, LLC for the past 20 years, Chris Wollerman is responsible for planning and directing all policies, objectives and initiatives for the organization, as well as managing strategic, operational and revenue initiatives that drive the company’s short- and long-term profitability and growth.

Within the organization, Chris refers to his role as eCEO—extraordinary contribution enabling officer—which reflects his personal philosophy of helping employees engage meaningfully with their work, achieve their personal and professional aspirations, and reach their highest potential.

Chris holds an Associate’s degree in Electronics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University; and a Master of Science in Executive Leadership (MSEL) from the University of San Diego.

Founded in 1997 with his wife Lynn, InnovaSystems is a leading provider of information technology and software solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial organizations. The company began with seven employees, and today has over 300 employees in 30 offices worldwide with over $50 million in revenue.

In 2017, Chris was instrumental in the development and launch of the company’s first commercial application, Inspire, which improves performance at all levels in organizations and integrates leadership concepts from the MSEL program. Inspire helps businesses achieve organizational excellence by achieving goals collaboratively, developing effective leaders, increasing employee work passion and executing business strategy.  Chris regularly teaches leadership development with Inspire to achieve results at InnovaSystems and businesses everywhere.

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