David Schlotterbeck

David Schlotterbeck has been a senior healthcare executive for 25 years, including leadership as Chairman & CEO of 3 public and 2 private companies and Vice Chairman of a Fortune 20 company. He also has startup experience in two situations leading to 5x revenue mergers into Fortune 200 companies.

He has successfully lead 9 turn arounds since 1985 where each company became a global in their field.

Schlotterbeck created $11B in shareholder value over 12 years, completed 2 IPOs, raised $6B in financing, and has brought several game-changing products to market including the world’s first smart infusion pump and a dominant skin prep drug to prevent hospital acquired infections.

He has been a director of more than 16 public, private and non-profit organizations.

Schlotterbeck is a graduate of the General Motors Institute with a BSEE and a Masters in EE from Purdue University.

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