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March 2020

CDF Key Takeaways – Human Capital: Strategizing for the Next Decade

The transformation of today’s workforce makes it imperative to manage talent as a key strategic asset. The evolving skills that an organization needs are a significant component of human capital and associated strategies. As an intangible asset not listed on a company’s balance sheet, effective human capital oversight is critical for an organization to achieve its goals and remain agile. Our expert panelists will discuss:

– Current and foreseeable challenges that may impact attracting and retaining top talent
– The board’s role in empowering employees to build a valuable corporate culture that leads to a competitive advantage
– How the board can help management make appropriate human capital investments, enabling a strong ROI
– How the board can ensure a company implements comprehensive business practices, leading to an engaged and stable workforce.
– The information and metrics management should make available to directors regarding human capital

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