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Key Takeaways

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The transformation of today’s workforce makes it imperative to manage talent as a key strategic asset. The evolving skills that an organization needs are a significant component of human capital and associated strategies. As an intangible asset not listed on a company’s balance sheet, effective human capital oversight is critical for an organization to achieve its goals and remain agile. Our expert panelists will discuss: - Current and foreseeable challenges that may impact attracting and retaining top talent - The board’s role in empowering employees to build a valuable corporate culture that leads to a competitive advantage - How the board can help management make appropriate human capital investments, enabling a strong ROI - How the board can ensure a company implements comprehensive business practices, leading to an engaged and stable workforce. - The information and metrics management should make available to directors regarding human capital
Is there a legitimate role for ethics as a driver of business behavior in our increasingly transactional world? Though the question may sound unduly provocative, company boards and executives – without necessarily even realizing it – are often forced to confront this issue. What role should ethics play in business decision-making, and has the answer to this question changed as the characteristics of shareholders and stakeholders has evolved over the years?
Jerry Sanders will share his outlook on the San Diego business landscape, where it’s going, and how to best prepare for 2020. He’ll communicate his informed perspective for the future of San Diego and the challenges and opportunities that we and our business community face.
How do you launch a startup and build it into a multi-billion dollar business? Come learn from someone who did just that. Listen to Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO of Viasat, in a fireside chat with reporter, Mike Freeman, tell the story of how and why.
Leveraged wisely, powerful messaging can make a reputation, build a brand, or successfully launch a new product or innovation. An organization’s ability to communicate effectively, both internally and publicly, can be the difference between success and failure.
Our experts will discuss the impact of a long-term vs. short-term focus on the stability and growth of organizations and their reliance on capital markets.
Our expert panelists will offer clarification on the impact of disruptions and shed light on key issues that should be addressed in boardrooms to be prepared for changes ahead.
Our expert panelists, including both new and seasoned directors, will discuss the many issues that should be addressed when joining a board and will provide insights from their own unique experiences and perspectives.
As it’s not a question of “if” but “when” a cyberattack will occur, SEC guidance states that public companies that may be subject to cybersecurity risks should inform investors about those risks even if they have not yet been exposed to a cyber-attack. This responsibility is shouldered by directors and business leaders.