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Qualcomm, Inc
5775 Morehouse Drive


Aug 23 2016


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

"Cyber War: Is Your Board ‘Battle Ready’? (hear from the FBI and cyber experts and stay ahead of the ever-morphing ‘enemy’)!"


David Finn
David Finn 
COO of AppEsteem; fmr.
Exec. Director., Microsoft
Cybercrime Center
Norm Fjeldheim
Norm Fjeldheim
CIO, Illumina, Inc.; fmr. CIO, Qualcomm, Inc.
Philip Celestini
Philip Celestini 
Cyber Division Section Chief,
FBI, Washington D.C.

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Few matters engender a greater sense of helplessness and uncertainty to businesses, than the ever-present danger of cyber attacks. Some are embarrassing (think DNC hack) while other can cripple organizations with critical infrastructure damage, intellectual property theft and reputational damage. Are we at “war”?
We will cover the topic looking at the role of the board and upper management. While anything “cyber” may sound like an IT issue, it really cannot be handed off to the tech department or a risk committee. It can be a hot potato for boards where few directors feel they have enough information to adequately oversee cyber and technology issues. PwC called “the IT confidence gap”. Ballooning security budgets are also a concern where both boards and management are not really sure what needs to be spent to be safe.
From the FBI, we will learn the current state of the threat, where it is coming from, its exponentially developing frequency and sophistication, and what they are doing to protect private sector networks from cyber criminals–national and international, from lone wolves to hostile governments.
Our other experts will discuss what boards and management teams can DO about it. What is the role of the CIO? Should they have a direct line to the board? What tools do companies have at their disposal?
Unfortunately, cyber security is not the kind of problem that ever gets solved and shelved, it is a current fact of life that we have to live with and work with.
Bring your questions and our panelists will answer them!