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Key Takeaways

CDF Key Takeaways – Human Capital: Strategizing for the Next Decade

The transformation of today’s workforce makes it imperative to manage talent as a key strategic asset. The evolving skills that an organization needs are a significant component of human capital and associated strategies. As an intangible asset not listed on a company’s balance sheet, effective human capital oversight is critical for an organization to achieve its goals and remain agile. Our expert panelists will discuss:

– Current and foreseeable challenges that may impact attracting and retaining top talent
– The board’s role in empowering employees to build a valuable corporate culture that leads to a competitive advantage
– How the board can help management make appropriate human capital investments, enabling a strong ROI
– How the board can ensure a company implements comprehensive business practices, leading to an engaged and stable workforce.
– The information and metrics management should make available to directors regarding human capital

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CDF Key Takeaways – Has the Notion of Business Ethics Become Passé?

Is there a legitimate role for ethics as a driver of business behavior in our increasingly transactional world? Though the question may sound unduly provocative, company boards and executives – without necessarily even realizing it – are often forced to confront this issue. What role should ethics play in business decision-making, and has the answer to this question changed as the characteristics of shareholders and stakeholders has evolved over the years?

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CDF Key Takeaways: The Empowered Board

Join us to hear from our expert panelists. These experienced, veteran directors will share their broad range of knowledge and wisdom, providing an opportunity to understand how directors can evolve to ensure they are providing the guidance and counsel needed to drive success.

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