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What strategies need to be in place to truly impact diversity in your organization?

In this Director’s Cut Podcast, Christina de Vaca, CEO of Corporate Directors Forum, discusses how she made it a goal to work with her team on increasing diversity among monthly guest speakers featured at CDF meetings.  As the leader of an organization whose mission is “to help directors, and those who support them, build more effective boards through continuous education and peer-networking”, Christina recognizes the impact of leading by example.  When you come to our next monthly meeting featuring Board critical topics, attend our Director of the Year event or participate in our annual Directors Forum in January – you will see diversity on stage and in the audience – and it looks effortless.  Our CDF members have investors, customers, employees and suppliers demanding diversity, Christina and her team have shown how measurable progress can be made in under 2 years. It starts with having a vision, aligning your team with your vision and being persistent with execution.