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Comprehensive Corporate Governance Training Provides Essential Skills for Boardroom Success

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To prepare directors for the complexities of the boardroom, Corporate Directors Forum is presenting its Governance Academy on May 14–15 at the University of San Diego. This two-day training course is designed to expand boardroom competencies, confidence and personal networks.

“The Essentials of Corporate Directorship” training course is critical for aspiring and new directors, as well as veterans who understand the critical need to stay current. C–level management, general counsel, key board advisors, business leaders and any members who may be involved in the boardroom experience should also attend this hands-on course.

Attendees will benefit from an interactive, lecture-based learning environment that emphasizes peer-to-peer dialogue. It will be led by nationally respected directors and boardroom leaders who actively engage boardroom attendees with real-life experiences and straight-from-the-headlines developments.

2015 course leaders:

  • Michael J. Berthelot; CEO, Mission Manager, Inc.; director, Fresh Del Monte Produce Company
  • Julia R. Brown; director, Targacept, Inc.; Biodel, Inc.

“This program provides an opportunity for directors to invest in themselves so they can build more effective boards,” said Linda Sweeney, executive director of Corporate Directors Forum. “Corporate governance is increasingly becoming more complex. Governance Academy gives new and experienced directors alike the tools necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing business climate.”

To learn more and register for the event, contact Corporate Directors Forum at 858/455-7930 or visit

About Corporate Directors Forum

Corporate Directors Forum, a 501c(6) located in San Diego, is the largest regional association of corporate directors in the U.S. and offers regular, interactive education programs for directors, officers and business leaders. The organization also hosts “Directors Forum: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue” every January.  CDF’s purpose is to help directors, and those who support them, be better directors through director education and peer-to-peer networking.