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Long before COVID-19 became front page news, Richard Pascoe, CEO and President of Histogen, heard about unusual disruptions in the delivery of materials from their key suppliers in Wuhan, China. He also reached out to his connections across the world and within his industry to ask what they were experiencing and learning.
Based on what they learned, Rich’s team and their board moved quickly. Before 2019 ended, they developed several scenarios using a “war games” approach and identified how they could execute on their company mission, even in their worst-case version of a global shutdown.  
With continuous communications, support from his board, and a great team, Rich led Histogen through a successful merger, retained his team, kept Histogen’s bottom-line secure, and served on a team that advised the U.S. Government on ways to quickly ramp up production of a COVID-19 response.  
Research shows that CEOs who seek counsel and intelligence from their internal and external allies make better decisions than leaders who keep their own counsel. It’s called Strategic Intelligence.
Watch the conversation with Rich Pascoe to learn four ways strategic intelligence can help your business not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing business environment.