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Long before any news was reported on Covid-19, ResMed, a world leader producing and innovating cloud connected devices for people with sleep apnea, COPD and chronic respiratory conditions, observed an unusual trend. Reports coming from their subsidiaries all over the world, including China, were showing that demand for ventilators in Wuhan was increasing substantially.  

Based on their global intelligence, ResMed CEO, Michael (Mick) Farrell, and his team recognized that something big was going on.  They immediately turned to their emergency response playbook (scenario planning), which they had created just a few weeks earlier.  Though the playbook was designed for a different crisis, they recognized it would work even for a worst case scenario of a global pandemic. 

By the time reports of outbreaks in Milan and New York were hitting the news, the ResMed team had secured their supply chains, adjusted their focus, and were already in mass production of life-saving respirators. How were they able to do this while so many other countries and companies were caught off guard, and left unable to secure the shipping and materials needed to fulfill orders on time?

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