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Corporate Directors Forum Hosts Breakfast Event: ‘What’s the Board’s Role in Security?’

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Experts will advise San Diego Board Directors on both physical and cyber security at May 10 event 

Current events should have management and boards on high alert regarding the physical security and safety of employees, facilities and assets—not to mention critical infrastructure and geo-political risks unimaginable even a short few years ago. Understanding the board’s role in leading conversations and strategizing on security is a top priority for corporate leadership. As such, the Corporate Directors Forum will be holding a breakfast event titled “It’s Dangerous Out There: What is the Board’s Role in Security?” led by top security experts on May 10th, 2016 from 7:00am-9:00am at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla.

The event will explore critical safety issues that affect organizations of all sizes: 

  • Are boards and management discussing and strategizing on both physical and cyber security?
  • Who leads the charge?
  • What would happen in a strike/incident—locally, nationally or internationally—causing a disruption in water, power, travel or supply chain?
  • Are you agile and ready to pivot to protect all assets?

Speakers include: 

  • Erik Antons: Manager, International Security & Executive Services, Sempra; former Special Agent with the Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of State
  • Chris J. Rackow: SVP, Chief Resilience Officer, AECOM; Former US Navy SEAL; FBI, Supervisory Special Agent
  • Scot Ferrell: Managing Director, Marsh; focused on business continuity, crisis management, safety, supply chain and enterprise risk

“Not too long ago, cyber breaches seemed like a remote possibility. Now, cyber security is a hot topic in boardrooms. But what about physical security?” remarked Linda Sweeney, executive director, Corporate Directors Forum. “If these emerging and escalating issues are not already being discussed in your board room – whether public, private, or non-profit – they will be soon. This discussion will help board directors mitigate vulnerabilities and prepare for what is almost always unexpected.”

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