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Corporate Directors to Facilitate Dialogue Between Directors, Management and Shareholders at Upcoming Directors Forum 2016

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In an increasingly complex and volatile environment with expanding investor and stakeholder activism, geo-political unrest and 24/7 political campaigning, boards and management are facing unprecedented demands. “Directors Forum 2016: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue,” hosted by Corporate Directors Forum on January 24-26, 2016, provides a forum for three constituencies who seldom share the stage – directors, shareholders and management – to express their divergent and sometimes contentious perspectives on these issues.

Keynote speaker Edward P. Garden, CIO & a founding partner, Trian Partners and director, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation will address the experience and process of shareholder activism – purchasing large enough amounts of stock to negotiate desired change in a company. Garden, who was recently named to CNBC’s high-profile Next List, will be interviewed by Wesley W. von Schacklead director, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, Edwards Lifesciences and chairman, AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc. Von Schack served on the board of a company that experienced shareholder activism from Trian Partners firsthand, which will make for a lively and engaging discussion from multiple points of view.

This national conference, held at the University of San Diego, uniquely brings shareholders together with directors, management and regulators. Attendance at the event is limited by design to encourage personal interaction between attendees and the nation’s leading corporate governance authorities.

Additional Keynote speakers include: 

  • Andrew J. Ceresneydirector, Division of Enforcement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Carol B. Tomé, CFO & EVP, The Home Depot, Inc.; director, UPS; former chair, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

These keynotes will be joined by 35 other corporate governance thought leaders.

“The Directors Forum conference is the only conference that brings directors, shareholders, and the C-suite together. These groups often have differing perspectives, so this event is their opportunity to speak and be heard,” said Linda Sweeney, executive director, Corporate Directors Forum. “2016 will be a pivotal year, so don’t miss the opportunity to jump in and add to the dialogue.”

Directors Forum 2016 is open to the public, and general ticket prices are $1,895 per person if paid before Jan. 6, 2016, and $2,195 after that date. There is also a “Register 3, Get 1 Free” promotion. Corporate Directors Forum and Forum for Corporate Directors [of Orange County] members receive a $300 discount off the registration fee. For questions, please call (858) 455-7930 or register online at

About Corporate Directors Forum

Corporate Directors Forum, a 501c(6) located in San Diego, is the largest regional association of corporate directors in the U.S. and offers regular, interactive education programs for directors, officers and business leaders. The organization also hosts “Directors Forum: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue” every January.  CDF’s purpose is to help directors, and those who support them, be better directors through director education and peer-to-peer networking. To learn more, visit